Advertising spaces and solutions

Wide and transversal target: choosing the advertising spaces inside the Quick car parks is an opportunity for every type of Brand, for the breadth and variety of the target (about 30 million users a year) of our car parks, in the center cities, in shopping malls, airports, ports and stations.

High visibility: the strategic positioning of advertising media within our car parks at the points with the greatest user flow, guarantees maximum visibility of the advertising message.

Variety of formats: the offer includes a variety of formats to ensure maximum visibility in each area of ​​the car park. We can have luminous banners, 200x100cm Citylights, window stickers, parking tickets, display windows, posters and billboards and many other innovative supports.

Modularity and customization: we listen to the needs and proposals of each of our partners to offer the best solution, customized for each company.

Request information

If you want to promote your business in the Quick Group car parks, fill out the form providing us with more information, one of our representatives will contact you to evaluate the best solutions together